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Curbside Charity with Greater Valley YMCA

March 25-27, 2024 | 4:00 – 6:00pm

Curbside with Battle Borne
This month the Curbside Family of Four meal is supporting the Greater Valley YMCA Easton/Phillipsburg and Forks Education Center. The meal is TBD. The cost is $60 with $30 being donated back to the charity. Deadline to order the meal is Saturday, March 23.
1. Tell your friends and family to call SURV Restaurant at 484-544-0624.
2. Place an order for Curbside Charity.
3. Choose your date and time for food pick-up:
4. Give your credit card over the phone to hold your Curbside reservation.
5. When you arrive pull up curbside by SURV Restaurant at 1800 Sullivan Trail Road, Easton (Parkside) and call 484-544-0624 to tell them you have arrived.
6. The SURV staff will charge your credit card and deliver your food and receipt to you. You never have to leave your car.

Are you interested in partnering with us for a Curbside Charity? Get in touch!

5 Course Dinner & Wine Pairing

March 21 | 6:00pm

Curbside with Battle Borne

Join us Thursday, March 21 at Surv Restaurant for an evening of food and wine. Chef Timothy Widrick and his culinary team have created a special Five Course Dinner and Wine Pairing. The dinner starts at 6:00 pm and will feature a curated five course meal and wine pairing for $75 per person, plus tax and gratuity.

This is a social event! Unless you are a large party, expect to sit with other guests.

Reservations are required. Call or text (484) 553-4613 and book your spot at the Five Course Dinner and Wine pairing today! We require a deposit, so please have a credit card ready when you call.

Limited seats are available, must be 21-years or older. Please share any allergies with us when you are making your reservation.

Visit Surv

SURV Restaurant

1800 Sullivan Trail

Easton, PA 18040